Data Hacking and the City Workshop: UCL CASA Conference 2013

At UCL CASA our main focus of research is cities and how, as a population we use our cities daily. My main interest is discovering and analysing the hidden city through our daily interactions on social media, blogs, and crowd sourcing data that’s not currently available. We recently held a 2 day conference at CASA (1 day of workshops and 1 day of talks) teaching attendees the skills and tools to visualise these types of datasets.

My workshop was all about Data Hacking and collecting real time data from Twitter. We had around 70 budding data scientists learning how to collect data from Twitter using Node.js and then visualising that data on Google Maps Engine. Here are the slides (and also embeded at the end of this post) from the event so that you can try it out yourself at home and get your hands dirty with some raw Twitter data.

If these slides have been useful and you are interested in data collection and processing large real time data sets then we are holding a hackathon at UCL CASA which you can play and learn all about data processing. Why not sign up for the event on Eventbrite or sign up to our Google Group.

If you’ve learned something new then why not share these slides on the various social media profiles or follow me on Twitter (I’m @frogo) or Google+ (+StevenGray). Any questions about the slides then either drop me a line via the social links above and I’ll try my very best to answer them.

Direct Download of the slides